Thursday, December 22, 2016

4K Christmas Fireplace Video Download for Xmas Day 2017

Christmas fireplace video: If you haven't got a fireplace, this 4K TV fireplace is the next best thing:

Enjoy the warming, festive flames from a 4K Christmas fireplace video filmed in a modern house. The Ultra HD high-resolution video is ideal to watch at Christmas time on a large 4K SMART TV.

4K Christmas Fireplace Video features 5.1 surround sound. This makes the audio of the burning fuel and flames even more realistic. It will really feel like your TV has become a traditional yet modern Christmas fireplace.

There is no watermark or text on the video download to make your Chistmas virtual fireplace as real as possible.

The video is 4K Ultra HD resolution, which is the same as UHD and 3840 x 2160 pixels. This makes it suitable for even the biggest Christmas TV screens. The video should be looped every 20 minutes simply by pressing Repeat on your 4K SMART TV. It loops in a very subtle way, which you will have trouble spotting. This means the warming flames on your 4K Christmas Fireplace Video stay consistent all day.

4K Christmas Fireplace Video makes the perfect Ultra HD SMART TV background for Xmas Day.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

New and Real HD Fireplace Videos

Here are some great new examples of fireplace videos from a newcomer to the scene. These clips were all made by Uscenes who look to be doing things the right way. They create 1080p videos for use on any TV and also bundle them together with a screensaver version for computers. Pretty awesome stuff and obviously the highest quality. Check them out below:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Download Fireplace videos online

A fire in an iron fireplaceImage via Wikipedia This review takes a look at the latest fireplace download videos which have been released in February 2011. There have been some virtual fireplace videos available for a few years, however none have been suitable for HDTV's. The latest batch of fireplace videos have been recorded on the latest camera equipment. This means that they boast perfect resolution imagery even on very large high definition wide screen televisions. is the website which offers these new HD quality virtual fireplace videos. They have various different ones available to suit different moods. For example there is a roaring log fire and a soothing fire for a more relaxed atmosphere. Each video can be set to loop, so that it plays continuously. This means that the files are not too large to download. However they are recorded in the highest quality, so it may still take a while for some people to download these files with a slow internet connection.

The benefits of using a virtual fireplace video instead of the real thing should be obvious. Firstly there is no cost involved with installing a fireplace or the purchase of wood fuel. There is also no safety concerns which is especially important for people with young children. There is no heat given off from a fireplace download which makes it suitable for anytime of the year. Most people that have a real log fire only use it in the winter months, many people rarely use them at all because of the effort involved in setting up.

A fireplace download can easily be switched on at the click of a of a button at any time. It's an excellent way to avoid watching television, playing computer games, and watching movies. They are a great way to set a nice atmosphere in the room for any occasion. The relaxing sounds of a crackling log fire creates a cozy atmosphere and helps people to concentrate when reading or simply chatting. They are ideal to have on in the background when guests are visiting for a party or for dinner.
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Benefits of a fireplace video over the real thing

A log in a fireplace.Image via Wikipedia Downloading a virtual fireplace video is a fantastic way to warm up any room. A fireplace can be played on any TV, laptop or computer screen at any time. At less than five dollars per video it works out many hundreds of times cheaper than even the lowest priced real log fires.

The hassle of buying and then maintaining a real log fire is just too much for most people. They can cost thousands of dollars to install and then coal or wood must be bolts, stored and shovelled into the fire when ever it is to be used. A fireplace video can be played at the click of a button and set to loop continuously.

The latest camera equipment has been used to create high definition fireplace downloads. This means that the quality is as near to perfection as possible. It also means that they can be played on even the largest wide screen television set. A virtual fireplace obviously won't actually warm a room all, but since it is surprising how much cosier they make any room.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Reasons to get a Fireplace download...

Fireplace.Image via Wikipedia
  1. None of the expense of a real log fire
  2. No hassle like with a real log fire
  3. Safety is no concern with a virtual fireplace
  4. Can be played and looped on any screen anytime
  5. Can be played in multiple locations at the same time
  6. A HD quality fireplace download looks as good as the real thing
  7. Costs less than $5 for a high definition video
  8. Impress friends with a great looking virtual log fire
  9. Create romantic settings for a special occasion or dinner party
  10. Creates a warm, cozy feeling in any room

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